Quick start tips

Non-registered (public) users will not see all content and you may even get 'unauthorized' messages when trying to view certain things. This is by design because the content you are trying to view is intended for registered users only. If you are not registered you can only comment on topics in the Suggestions Forum.

For registered users, here are some instructions and tips to help you use and navigate the rest of the site.

  • this site is meant to get back to the core of Neighborhood Watch (ie: community and safety); general unrelated chat should be performed somewhere else like Facebook.
  • every registered user has their own account where they can save favorite articles and receive private messages from other members. You should go into your account settings and tailor available options, such as language preference, contact information, subscribing to weekly email digests etc.
  • articles and static pages are displayed on the front page of the site. This is where administrators will post much of the site's content.
  • on the front page you will see mini-calendars; for more detail, open the Public Events or Private Events calendars from the navigation menu
  • the heart of this site in terms of discussions, is the Forum area. There are multiple topic-specific forums where you can read and post messages.
  • please look for an appropriate topic-specific forum before posting; do not use General Discussion for everything.
  • when commenting on a post, you can use the provided WYSIWG editor to format your text or add photos, however you cannot use full HTML (ie: link to other sites or run scripts)
  • be careful what you post in Public forums. Information there can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. That's why we call them Public.
  • when posting in Registered User forums, be aware that while these posts are not viewable by the general public, they ARE viewable by any registered user so the same guidelines apply.
  • on many articles and forum topics you will see a 'subscribe' and/or 'bookmark' button. These allow you to be notified by email of any changes and to save the position of the item in your favorites list. In your user profile page you can see which items you have subscribed to and any bookmarks you have saved.