The how and why of a new site

Information for new users:

Why do we need this new site? To be effective, the Neighborhood Watch Group needs a reliable private communication system. Previous attempts at achieving this, used a variety of free public services and social media which brought with them a number of problems. Apart from the obvious lack of cohesion, users had to sign up for social media services that they may not want, and those services are primarily in the undesirable business of profiling people and harvesting their personal information for sale to advertisers. Also in some cases, users had to install apps on their devices and were bombarded with unnecessary message alerts.

This new approach utilizes only one site, privately maintained, and requires nothing more than a standard web browser and email account to interact with. This site has been designed in a more organized fashion, using categorized discussion forums for common topics. So if you are not interested in hearing about dogs on the beach you just don't view or subscribe to that particular forum, or maybe subscribe only to a weekly digest of new messages.

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