New site, new users, new problems...?

With the launch of our new site happening recently, we have been seeing many people signing up for user accounts. However, some of these people have not logged in yet.

One can only assume if they took the time to sign up, they would want to login. So why haven't they?

The most common reason for this is email spam blockers. Although we took care to tell people to check their spam folders, many probably haven't. Or maybe don't know how. So if you're one of these people, please check your spam folder and if you find your account confirmation email in there.... whitelist us! That means we're the guys wearing the white hats, and our emails will get through to you.

A simple way to whitelist that works in most cases, is to simply add the sender's email to your contact list.

For a complete discussion of whitelisting on the most common webmail services, have a look here.

If you're still having problems, use the Contact form on this site to let us know.